best eames lounge chair reproduction

best eames lounge chair reproduction

best eames lounge chair reproduction

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best eames lounge chair reproduction

Combining the white Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Manhattan Home Design also has a white leather Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman with a black base. A chair this color will help the room’s decor stand out nicely. 

The colors that go best with white furniture are pink, pale blue, gray, navy blue, chocolate, and mango orange.

Pink and white will give a romantic sensation making it perfect for bedrooms with a more playful feel. Pale blue and white will create a soothing atmosphere and produce a relaxing feeling. Gray and white make an excellent combination for bedrooms and allow you to add more colors to your decoration.

Navy blue goes excellent with white furniture and gives a very summer-like look. Chocolate-decorated rooms also match with the white Eames Lounge chair & Ottoman. White furniture and a mango orange room not only look good but are also sound Feng Shui combination.

The Variety Creation of Eames Chairs

At the time many of these original chairs were being made, Charles Eames had to repeatedly interject that they were designed in equal partnership with his wife, Ray, as hard as that was to fathom in the 1940s and ’50s. Years later, the couple’s Deutschland Eames chairs are found in homes and offices the all over the world and held in great esteem in terms of modernist vision.

Fiberglass Side Chairs and Armchairs

The Fiberglass Side Eames Chairs were introduced in 1951, a year after the Eames Fiberglass Arm Chair. This was actually a more challenging to design than the Armchair because, without arms, the edges where the back met the seat tended to crack. By 1966, Herman Miller reported that two million of these chairs had been sold.

There were actually many variations of Deutschland Eames chairs using the molded fiberglass “shell,” and they are often referenced as Shell Chairs both with and without arms. Some have bases made of wood, and there is even a rocking version of the armchair. Others had rolling bases for office use. Not all had such complicated base construction, however. Many of the side chairs were made with four simple legs so they could easily be stacked.

Eames Furniture Can Do So Much for the Dining Room

  • You can achieve a colorful dining area by pairing up a Charles Eames table with really vibrant Arne Jacobsen chairs. The lovely hues and tones comes together to provide guests with a super fun dining experience. Although this is enough to grab attention, you could go a step further and use accessories such as maybe an eclectic-designed rug and a very modern light right on top of the table.
  • For a 1950s-inspired dining room, look for a Saarinen Tulip Table (it goes great with small spaces) and place pony-skin Eames chair around it. The two very different yet complementary designs can be further enhanced with hanging pendant lights.

Eames’ have left behind a body of work that seamlessly works with any decor setting. Check out chair and Eames table reproduction at the popular online stores and make your choice!

Model No. 670 and No. 671

Aurora van Zoelen
February 20, 2012
Prof. Claire Downey
Critical Reading and Writing I

We have long ago stop seeing chairs as mere objects of function and have developed them according to the changing aesthetics, technologies and ideologies of time. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is a standard of luxury that up to today continues to influence culture and design. In 1956 husband and wife- Charles and Ray Eames- invented this chair. Half a century after its creation, the Eames Lounge chair has become an icon of luxury, taste and design.

The Eames Lounge chair is made from wood, aluminum, foam, leather, steel and rubber. It is constructed from three frames or shells of heat-molded plywood, leather padding, armrests and an inclined five star aluminum base. The chair is accompanied by a footrest or ottoman that has the same shell as the chair’s headrest. They are also known by their model numbers: 670 and 671 accordingly. Today, original Eames Lounge Chairs can be purchased through two companies, Herman Miller in the United States and Vitra in Europe. As improvements, the chair is now made from 29% recycled and 24% recyclable materials. The wood employed comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests.


Charles and Ray Eames, who pioneered modern chair design in the 1940s and ’50s, were responsible for some of the most innovative chairs of the 20th century. Their chairs were fabricated from wood, fiberglass, plastic, and metal mesh. Eames chairs have been widely imitated, but originals are highly sought-after by collectors because they are considered breakthroughs in both design and technology.

In 1940, Charles Eames met Ray Kaiser at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, which was also home to architect and Eames collaborator Eero Saarinen and furniture designer Harry Bertoia. The couple married a year later and moved to Los Angeles to continue their work in molded plywood.

By 1945, the couple had figured out how to create compound curves in molded plywood. One of their first pieces was a birch child’s chair and stool manufactured by the Molded Plywood Division of Evans Products — production was limited to just 5,000 pieces.

Evans also produced about 1,000 LCW chairs (which stands for Lounge Chair Wood) before the Eameses began a long collaboration with the Herman Miller Furniture Company, which produced and distributed a number of chairs for them, including the DCM (Dining Chair Metal), in which two pieces of plywood are secured to a solid-rod chromed frame with rubber shock mounts. In 1951, Herman Miller was selling 2,000 of these chairs a month (examples with wooden legs were less popular, making them more collectible today).

Molded fiberglass chairs in a variety of bright colors — with or without arms, with or

without a rocking base — came next. Serious Eames connoisseurs look for chairs from

this period, 1950-1953, with a “Miller-Zenith” label on their undersides. The ones with

wooden bases (DAW, PAW) are less common and thus more sought-after than the ones

with metal legs (DAR, LAX, LAR, RAR). Around the same time, the couple designed

chairs made from sturdy wire mesh, with covers available in leather, vinyl, and fabric by

designer Alexander Girard.

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